Insurance Disputes

Insurance Claim Denials & Insurance Bad Faith Claims

The processing of insurance claims is one of the routine functions of insurance carriers, but for policyholders a claim can be anything but routine.  Some claims are hugely consequential for those who have suffered severe losses, and insurance companies often use every tactic at their disposal to limit or deny coverage and payouts whenever possible.

Alton C. Hale, Jr. has made insurance disputes one of the primary areas of focus for his practice.  He has helped scores of individuals and organizations in disputes with their insurers over highly questionable claims adjustment practices and decisions.  His experience includes:

  • First Party Property Claims – Commercial or residential property claims involving significant losses that are often underpaid or denied by insurers.
  • Community Association Claims – Condominium associations and HOAs filing claims after natural disasters, water/flooding damage, fires, etc.

When insurers fail to investigate claims thoroughly, create unreasonable delays, underpay a claim, or unreasonably interpret the language in their policies in order to justify a denial of coverage, Mr. Hale brings his legal skills and experience to bear in order obtain maximum results for his clients.

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