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Summary of Notable Cases that our Firm has Successfully Resolved

With more than 20 years of experience, the Alton C. Hale, Jr., P.A. law firm has handled a variety of cases throughout Florida and the United States. Our mission is to see justice served and our client’s case resolved to their benefit and satisfaction. Below we share a summary of some of the 80 million dollars in total recoveries that trial attorney Alton C. Hale, Jr. has obtained on behalf of his clients, solely and while in conjunction with his former firm.

The accounts of recent trials, jury verdicts and settlements contained in this website are intended to illustrate the experience of the firm in a variety of litigation areas. Each case is unique, and the results in one case do not necessarily indicate the quality or value of another case. If you have any questions regarding any of these cases or wish to discuss a potential case, please contact us.

Car Accident – FLORIDA – 2013

Recovery of $345,000 for a client involved in car accident.

Pedestrian / Truck Accident / Amputation ~ CALIFORNIA

Client was 42-year-old woman standing in parking lot waiting on a bus to go to work. A garbage truck entered the parking lot and struck her causing bilateral amputation to her legs. The Plaintiff contended that the garbage truck owner was negligent. The Defense contended that the Plaintiff was standing in the lane of traffic of the parking lot.
A lawsuit was filed resulting in $8 million dollars recovery for client.

Wrongful Death / Pool Drowning ~ NORTH CAROLINA

Client was a single mother of a young child who drowned in an apartment complex pool that was partially drained and closed for winter. The Plaintiff contended the pool had inadequate safeguards and in dangerous condition with water remaining in pool  $1 million dollar recovery which was maximum insurance coverage.

Tractor Trailer Accident ~ NORTH CAROLINA

Client was an elderly man who was still active and working as a handyman. Client was traveling on a highway in Charlotte, North Carolina when a tractor trailer lost control, hit a pole in median, which fell on client’s truck. The Plaintiff contended that the tractor trailer was driving too fast for the conditions and lost control. The Defendant contended a “phantom vehicle” cut him off and caused the accident. A lawsuit was filed resulting in a recovery $3.850 million dollars.

Wrongful Death / Premises Liability ~ GEORGIA

Client was a mother and grandmother of mother and child who died in an apartment fire when candles left burning caused a fire. The Plaintiff contended that both inadequate fire alarms and fire suppression system were the cause. The Defendant, the apartment owner, contended that the deceased mother who left candles burning primarily at fault. A lawsuit was filed resulting in $3.250 million dollars recovery.

Wrongful Death / Defective Auto Repair ~ SOUTH CAROLINA

Client was surviving  wife and adult child of a driver of a tractor trailer which lost control, ran off highway and into a pond. Driver died by drowning. An investigation revealed there was a problem with the axle repaired recently. The Plaintiff contended that the repair shop improperly conducted the repair. The Defendant contended that the driver’s driving caused accident. A lawsuit was filed in both state and federal court. Recovery S2.1 million dollars.

Wrongful Death / Tractor Trailer Accident ~ GEORGIA

Client was the surviving single mother of teenage child involved in car accident on I-95 in Georgia in middle of night. The father of the child was driving the child to Georgia for a temporary stay in Georgia, where her father lived. The father rear ended a tractor trailer on the highway that was driving slow. The Plaintiff contended that tractor trailer was driving too slow for highway conditions and there was inadequate lighting on the tractor trailer. The Defendant contended that the father was sleepy and not paying attention. A lawsuit was filed resulting in a $1.650 million dollar recovery.

Wrongful Death / Pedestrian / Truck Accident ~ GEORGIA

Clients were parents of young child struck and killed while waiting at the bus stop for school by a commercial truck. Recovery of $3.250 million dollars.

Insurance Coverage Denial ~ FLORIDA

Client was a religious organization whose building used for services was damaged in a hurricane. The insurance company who insured their building denied coverage and contended the water damage was due to water leaking over time, improper maintenance of roof, and long term exposure to elements. A lawsuit was filed resulting in a $4.6 million dollar recovery.

Wrongful Death / Tractor Trailer Accident ~ FLORIDA

Client was single mother of young child who was died when the child rode his bike underneath a passing tractor trailer in his neighborhood. The tractor trailer company contended that the mother was negligent by not supervising child and the child was negligent for not stopping at a stop sign and riding underneath truck. The Plaintiff contended the tractor trailer should not have been in the residential neighborhood and the professional trucker had a duty to be aware of children doing unexpected things and to be prepared for the sometimes negligent actions of children. Recovery of $1.4 million million dollars.

Premises Liability / Auto Accident / Paraplegic ~ FLORIDA

Client was on a cruise vacation and took an excursion at a port. During the excursion, the bus wrecked and caused client to become paraplegic. Cruise company denied liability for the excursion company and alleged independent company. The  Plaintiff contended that the cruise ship had a duty to make sure that the excursion company had properly maintained its transportation buses and that the excursion company was an agent of the cruise company. A lawsuit was filed and significant jurisdiction and liability problems were overcome for recovery of $6 million dollars.

Professional Negligence ~ FLORIDA

Client was a developer who had built a condominium. During construction, the developer contended that the architect and engineers failed in their duties, which caused additional costs to developer. A lawsuit was filed. Total recovery was $800 thousand dollars because of limited insurance.

Auto Accident ~ FLORIDA

Plaintiff was an adult involved in a car accident in West Palm Beach. The liability was challenging and complicated due to the alcohol in plaintiff’s system at the time of accident. Damages were difficult as the adult was unemployed due to a history of mental health and drug dependence. Further complicating the case was the adult died due tp long term drug use approximately a year after the accident. The father of plaintiff retained our firm to continue the case. $165,000 dollars was recovered for damages consisting of the pain and suffering of the adult for the last year of her life.


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